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Fri Feb 15 00:57:44 EST 2008

Doreen queries thusly:

Is there a website or catalog that lists how tall fruit trees grow on 
various rootstocks?

My reply:

Many do list them, and they are somewhere between "relative" to "irrelevant.

Rootstocks alone (i.e. no graft) will respond differently though consistently in different soil types.  For instance my "yard has 4 distinct soil types (Heavy, nasty clay covered by 18 inches of rich top spoil, 2 feet of rich top soil with a low level of organic matter on top hardpan, ungoshly rich soil which goes down about 5 feet, low in organic matter, and about 2 1/2 of soil very, very rich in organic matter.  The same rootstock without a scion varies greatly in these soil types.  

Then the vigor of the scion tree matters greatly.  Northern Spy is  a good sized tree on any rootstock.

My observation is certain scion rootstock result in unanticipated size.  Stated differently a non-vigorous scion may grow vigorously on a certain rootstock or be dwarfed substantially.  For instance a seckle pear on OF X F33 produces a dwarf every time I tried it.  Where as Seckle on OHxF 513 or OHxF 282  produces a medium sized tree 10-12 ft.  Anything else I tried on the three rootstocks produced consistent results. 

However look at treco on line to get some idea.

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