[NAFEX] Membership

mangodance bmn at iglou.com
Thu Feb 14 22:04:08 EST 2008

cevanko at civconinc.com wrote:

> Right now we have 2 avenues of promoting NAFEX. 1.word of mouth which has
> admittedly fallen short, and 2. Pomona.  Lets make Pomona available to
> some or all of the following: Libraries, Horticulture schools, Extension
> services and others to what we can afford.  If we use our asset just like
> NewsWeek, or Time, which are free to read in any library in the US.  Do
> all the people who subscribe to Time feel cheated because the libraries
> just leave it out where anyone can read it?

Libraries purchase most of their periodicals.

> The second page of the Pomona should be the membership application.  If it
> were laying around my library several years ago, I might have joined
> sooner.

I do agree that visibility and promotion is key.

> Like so many millions of others: I DIDN'T KNOW YOU EXISTED!!
> If I hadn't seen the ad for the MidFEx grafting class, I would not have
> known they existed and they introduced me to NAFEX.
> I don't care for complicating membership.  Pomona should be given to
> people/institutions with the aim of mutual benefit.  So it may be
> available to a student who may be a futue NAFEX member.  Archived list
> serve can be available as step 2 in getting people interested.  "This is
> what you can participate in if a member."  Participating in the list,
> annual meetings and personal help are for members only.
> Thanks for listening.

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