[NAFEX] Membership

cevanko at civconinc.com cevanko at civconinc.com
Thu Feb 14 17:52:33 EST 2008

Right now we have 2 avenues of promoting NAFEX. 1.word of mouth which has
admittedly fallen short, and 2. Pomona.  Lets make Pomona available to
some or all of the following: Libraries, Horticulture schools, Extension
services and others to what we can afford.  If we use our asset just like
NewsWeek, or Time, which are free to read in any library in the US.  Do
all the people who subscribe to Time feel cheated because the libraries
just leave it out where anyone can read it?
The second page of the Pomona should be the membership application.  If it
were laying around my library several years ago, I might have joined
Like so many millions of others: I DIDN'T KNOW YOU EXISTED!!
If I hadn't seen the ad for the MidFEx grafting class, I would not have
known they existed and they introduced me to NAFEX.
I don't care for complicating membership.  Pomona should be given to
people/institutions with the aim of mutual benefit.  So it may be
available to a student who may be a futue NAFEX member.  Archived list
serve can be available as step 2 in getting people interested.  "This is
what you can participate in if a member."  Participating in the list,
annual meetings and personal help are for members only.
Thanks for listening.
z5 just outside Chicago.

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