[NAFEX] Membership, focus, journals, etc...the face of NAFEX

Road's End Farm organic87 at frontiernet.net
Thu Feb 14 11:22:42 EST 2008

On Feb 14, 2008, at 10:57 AM, Scott Smith wrote:

> 3) This mailing list needs to be upgraded to a more modern bboard.
> Bboards can be designed with low overhead so modem users don't get
> frustrated.

I find it much easier and faster to post on an email list than on a 
board. I can work in my own choice of email program, set up the way I'm 
used to using it; save email drafts the way I'm used to doing it, etc. 
I don't have to mess around trying to figure out how the particular 
board works. If the post doesn't go through for some reason on an email 
list, it's right there in my sent box waiting to edit or resend as is. 
If one doesn't post for whatever reason on a board I post on, if I 
haven't saved it to another program it's likely to disappear entirely, 
leaving me all that typing to do over again. And I don't have to log in 
to post on an email list, let alone log in repeatedly because for 
unclear reasons the board decides I'm not logged in after all when I 
try to actually post even though I had just logged in to bring up the 
page to draft the post on; I just register once and I'm done with it.

I lurk much more on boards than post because of the extra layer of 

So I guess we get frustrated by different things. I know formatting 
often doesn't come through an email list correctly, because of people 
using different email programs. But I don't want to read a lot of fancy 
formatting and watch a lot of moving icons anyway, I think they're a 
distracting nuisance. I usually just want to see the text. When 
pictures or charts are genuinely useful to the discussion people can 
always post a link to them, which is much easier for the modem people 
to deal with anyway. (The NAFEX web site could be set up to make this 
easy to do there, for those who don't already have a site. Maybe it 
already is, I don't know.)

Finger Lakes NY; zone 5 mostly
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