[NAFEX] Membership, focus, journals, etc...the face of NAFEX

S & E Hills ehills7408 at wowway.com
Thu Feb 14 09:17:42 EST 2008

I like the idea of different levels of membership where a reader could
access recent discussions, but not the archives.  Or where conversely
material over one year old could be accessed, but not the more recent stuff
(which would crimp a non-member being able to get all their questions
answered, thus giving them an immediate personal reason for wanting to
join).  I'm pretty neutral on the Pomona issue (I would prefer to retain
paper copies, but I also see the ease which being able to search for a topic
that an electronic version would give).


Where I wanted to put my 2 cents in was on an issue we have discussed
previously, the idea of simplifying joining or renewing a membership. Being
able to do this directly online (through Paypal or directly by credit card)
would encourage participants in NAFEX.  I knew about NAFEX for over a year
before joining (and I didn't know one could join the mail list without
having been a member) but the hassle of printing out a form, filling it out,
making out a check and then mailing out the whole thing was just too much
bother when I was looking for the answer to why my pawpaws (or whatever)
were doing whatever was causing me to go searching.  I wanted immediate
gratification and the feeling that I was addressing the problem I was trying
to solve at that moment.  Also I'm looking at Fall 08 as being the end of my
current membership, do I need to go through the whole process (form, check
mail) again to renew..As of right now it seems as though I do.



Scott Hills

Saint Clair Shores, Mi 

Zone 6b 



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I like the idea of putting at least some of the archives on-line, but only 
allowing members to post.  That would provide bait for potential new 
members without giving all our content away.  Perhaps the most recent month 
of so of content could be on-line?


You have an idea worth discussing. But maybe allow three months of open
posts viewing. But must be a member to post questions and read all posts
over 3 months old. This could even be a different level of membership price.
Say $9.00

Then if we have an electronic Pomona membership we could wind up with three
price membership levels. That could be a record keeping headache. 

Setting here thinking about this, it could actually increase US membership.
Here is how. Someone learning of and reading the 3 month chat net could
decide to join at the $9 level. Then he considers for a few more bucks he
could get the electronic Pomona membership, say $14. The he realizes for a
few more bucks, $5, he would be a full member and get hard copies for his
library shelf.  However $19 shouldn't be prohibitive in the first place.

In a past life when I huddled with my employees and would say to them, "I
have an idea," they would say we are in trouble now!  Sometimes we were!!! 


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