[NAFEX] Membership...the FUTURE of NAFEX?

mangodance bmn at iglou.com
Thu Feb 14 00:12:11 EST 2008

I don't want to harp on the money...but let me harp on the money <grin>.

I don't know that this would be healthy.  We want to continue to keep 
NAFEX solid.  I'm not sure that relying on a handful of folks to foot 
the bills on a voluntary basis for what would likely be a majority of 
free members is going to further the organization.  More likely, it 
would result in some hard feelings on the parts of those folks who have 
supported both in deed and wallet.  I'm a board member and I still pay 
dues.  I don't find it embarrassing.  I am happy to be a part of NAFEX 
and wish to see it continue.  I can't think of too many orgaizations 
with similar dues structure where you get the ability to get 
advice/help/scion wood/sizeable publicaton/etc.  The same professionals 
and supporters you mention do, in fact, get something by being members, 
and more still through contribution.  Are we really saying that $1.60 a 
month is too dear a price?

Don't get me wrong...I do believe there should be enough content 
publicly available so as to encourage new members as well as provide 
search engine fodder to drive traffic to the website.

Electronic journal copies should not be used to create differing levels 
of membership costs.  Rather, they should be used to facilitate ease of 
use, provide options, allow cost savings, and result in being able to 
use money fr other programs in addition to not having to raise dues as 
often.  NAFEX is not alone among groups with a limited revenue 
generating capacity.    Further limiting this at a time when we're 
starting to see the need to increase the organization's security doesn't 
seem prudent to me.  I'm glad people understand the need for marketing 
and cgrowing the membership.  I would hope we do not do that while 
sacrificing financial security.  I've seen liberal honorary and free 
memberships create shifts in small organizations much to their detriment 
often enough that I'm just skeptical of the utility and practicality. 
The gamble that a few deep pockets will create a free playground is too 
great a risk IMHO.

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