[NAFEX] Membership...the FUTURE of NAFEX?

Patrik Schumann ecoasys at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 13 23:24:29 EST 2008

Good day all, 
  I am responding in part also to Robert Hamilton's recent piece in Pomona.  
  Is it possible to separate membership into three types: contributor, associate, honorary?  
  'Contributors' would know that they specifically and deliberately are carrying the expenses of the organisation, a special mark of responsibility and distinction.  Financial accounting would be necessary only for their membership.  
  'Associates' could access the knowledge and would likely apply the knowledge, the special function of dissemination.  Think: 'organic gardeners/ permaculture/ slow food communities', also those effectively beyond dollar transactions, who would be a wider pool of possible future contributors.  Their membership would necessitate only registration.  
  Honoraries could be ambassadors and would be nominated for specific intiatives, the special role of promotion.  This could include: Cooperative Extension agents and Germplasm Repository professionals; long-time participants whose work for NAFEX renders their membership fee embarrassing; overseas specialists whose efforts will be indispensable to translate material, widen exposure, organise regional chapters, and recruit us into a world-wide organisation.  Thier membership necessitates only invitation.  

Patrik Schumann
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