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Wed Feb 13 23:07:40 EST 2008

I didn't notice any other answers, so I'll jump in.  Are you talking pomes or stone fruits?  Apples and pears can be planted out as soon as they are grafted, although what you are 'supposed' to do is to callus them first.  My house is usually still pretty cold during graft season so I figure they'll come on as well outside, and mostly they do.  The stone fruits are apparently pickier about how much warmth they need to callus and have to be done when or where it's warm.... I don't have much experience with them.  Obviously from the time you get the roots until you plant them out they will need to be kept from drying out but I'd recommend not much if any more than 1 day in water to avoid drowning them.  The damp newspaper or sawdust that comes with them is usually good stuff; you might need a little extra.  
Have at it and remember that as long as you leave one bud below the graft to keep the root alive, even if the scion doesn't grow you'll still have the root to try again on next year.
Muffy Barrett
South Central Wisconsin

-- Karen Kellogg wrote:

 But what are the  
bare roots doing at this time?   Are they In moist sawdust?  In a  
bucket of water?  Am I waiting for the graft to callous before  
planting out? Or am I planting out ASAP?

Thanks again,

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