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> I like the idea of putting at least some of the archives on-line, but only 
> allowing members to post.  That would provide bait for potential new 
> members without giving all our content away.  Perhaps the most recent month 
> of so of content could be on-line?


You have an idea worth discussing. But maybe allow three months of open posts 
viewing. But must be a member to post questions and read all posts over 3 
months old. This could even be a different level of membership price. Say $9.00

Then if we have an electronic Pomona membership we could wind up with three 
price membership levels. That could be a record keeping headache. 

Setting here thinking about this, it could actually increase US membership. 
Here is how. Someone learning of and reading the 3 month chat net could decide 
to join at the $9 level. Then he considers for a few more bucks he could get 
the electronic Pomona membership, say $14. The he realizes for a few more 
bucks, $5, he would be a full member and get hard copies for his library shelf.  
However $19 shouldn't be prohibitive in the first place.

In a past life when I huddled with my employees and would say to them, "I 
have an idea," they would say we are in trouble now!  Sometimes we were!!! 


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