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>   If the Mullah of Somewhereistan buys a subscription, then prints the 
> Pomona for his subjects (who can't afford to buy a subscription at any 
> price), what have we lost?  Nothing!  So what is the problem

How do we control the Mullah so he sends only to people who can't honestly 
afford membership?  That is one problem. There are also just as many, maybe 
more, dishonest Americans than in allthestans. 

Don't forget this whole subject was started with the goal of being able to 
offer a lower membership rate for out of the US folks who have lower incomes and 
whose membership fee is higher due to added postage costs.     

There will be dishonest people who rather than ask their grower buddies to 
join will tell them, save your membership money, I'll forward my electronic copy 
to you. Although I do believe people who dig in the dirt and plant trees have 
a lower percentage of dishonesty.


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