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Alexander Dragotin a_dragotin at yahoo.de
Wed Feb 13 05:01:39 EST 2008

Hi Derry,
I am living in Bavaria, Germany and have here Zone 6, but my activities spread up to South Europe, Zone 9. I didn't mention it, because it seemed me irrelevant to the mater.
I am freezing everything. The budwood from some species have to be taken very early. Hazelnut is one of them. Using chip budding or whip and tongue graft I am bringing hazelnut on Turkish hazel rootstock.
Sometimes there is need to cut and store the budwood before winter could spell makes the buds unusable.
If the species in your zone isn't at winter could injury risk, you could in the early springtime cut the budwood and put it on the rootstocks. 
There is no problem dealing with the pome. In the drupes case having early buds swelling you could take the lower part of the last year sprout. Under the swelling buds are some dormant ones and they can be used. Sometimes I have used two-year-old cuts (almond) and grafted them whip and tongue.
Sometime the year- or two-year-old scions near the swelling buds have sleeping reserve buds. I delete the swelled and use the rest. It works even dealing with the Hazelnut.
All this is only help in some situations of the hobby gardening.
If professional work should be done, early cut and stored frozen should be preferred.
I wish you success in your work.

derry&bill <wchase at interchange.ubc.ca> schrieb:       Alexander,
 You don't say where you are or what hardiness zone you are in.
 I'm in zone 7-8 PNW.
 I've never thought of freezing s/w, but I have had a problem with the buds  swelling on the Japanese plums and Prunus mumes in a cooler (2-4°C)
 Are you freezing Prunus too?
Bill Chase & Derry Walsh
Aldergrove.  B.C., V4W 2E6
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Storing frozen has the advantage that it is no need to make a    check of the budwood state up to the day you are going to graft. I prefer this    way, because not every normal refrig can store close to 32 F. 
There is no    need of special refrig. For me was no problem to make the switching on and off    add-on control circuit.
Alexander Dragotin

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