[NAFEX] permission to print in Pomona

Jacquelyn Kuehn jakuehn at verizon.net
Wed Feb 13 02:57:10 EST 2008

Dear NAFEXers,

First of all, let me say thank you to several of you who responded to 
my request for articles. I am very grateful for the excellent material 
I received.

In need of more, however, I am combing the archives for interesting 
threads. If any of you would be willing to just give me permission to 
use anything you posted, it will save me and you the trouble of a 
personal request for permission. If you would like to specifically say 
"ask first," you may do that, too, and I'll respect that.

I would not print items about people, etc., as I'm just interested in 
the plant information, so you don't need to think, "What did I say 

Thanks for considering my request.


Jackie Kuehn
Editor-in-chief, Pomona
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