[NAFEX] Jerry's wisdom

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Wed Feb 13 01:00:25 EST 2008

As many people in NAFEX know, I doubt I would ever be on Jerry's list of favorite people, however on this topic(membership/mission/publication) he is essentially correct.  If NAFEX wants to continue as it has, it needs to have a level of revenue and the best measure of control is it hardcopy publication.  

NAFEX could evolve, or devolve depending on your view, but that is a decision it s membership has to make.  Perhaps it is time to reconsider, once again, NAFEX's mission.  I would only suggest you consider "honoring" the traditions of those who walked the path before you; you do owe them that.

As far as Jerry's comments about plagiarism; Jerry's comments were not ramblings but had a basis in fact.   Of course that gets back on the topic of what NAFEX's mission is: educational or ???


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