[NAFEX] Dwarf Plum Rootstock

Richard J.Ossolinski ossoeo at verizon.net
Tue Feb 12 20:46:08 EST 2008


Bob's response reminded me that I failed to include Pixie in my 
previous message to you.  I have Superior, Santa Rosa and Purple Gage 
on Pixie, all 15-20  years old and doing very well here.

Gouldsboro, ME  Zone 5

On Feb 12, 2008, at 6:41 PM, ROBERT W JUDY A HARTMAN wrote:

> Doreen,
> I have used Pixie and if works for some varieties and doesn't work so 
> well for others.  There is the new Krymsk 1 I am trying out.  Some 
> people have used Citation.  When I tried that one I didn't have much 
> success with it.
> Do you have particular varieties that you want to grow?
> Bob
> Western Washington
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>> Subject: [NAFEX] Dwarf Plum Rootstock
>> Which are the best rootstocks to dwarf plums in your experience?  Are 
>> there any super-dwarfing rootstocks that would keep a plum under ten 
>> feet in height and spread?
>> Doreen Howard
>> gardendiva at charter.net
>> http://www.desperategardens.net
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