[NAFEX] Electronic Pomonas

Diane Whitehead voltaire at islandnet.com
Tue Feb 12 20:22:36 EST 2008

I don't think age necessarily has much connection with using computers  
- there are many grandparents keeping in touch with their  
grandchildren that way, and one garden club member here began using  
email when he was 87 and carried on into his 90s.

Lack of a high speed connection in rural areas is more of a problem,  
especially if photos are going to become an important part of  

I hope that the unselfish sharing of information will continue.

There is a back and forth of seeds and plants on the internet garden  
groups I belong to, with no one asking to be reimbursed for postage.   
The idea is to "pass it on" without keeping score.  It is wonderful.   
This year alone I have sent to, and received seeds from, Russia,  
Spain, England, Australia, and New Zealand.

Unfortunately, this is not possible with any of our fruits that are  
grown commercially - we can't even ship fruit trees from one end of  
Canada to the other without having them fumigated.  It can be done  
with rare fruit, though, and back in one of those old Pomonas I have,  
Lon was offering seeds of "Wonderberry".

Diane Whitehead

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