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Claude Sweet hortventures at cox.net
Tue Feb 12 19:47:58 EST 2008

The problems you are discussing have been discussed for years in the 
California Rare Fruit Growers with no progress because the majority of 
the membership consisted of older people who were not computer savvy and 
lacked a high speed Internet connection. Eventually their numbers have 
declined, but still no action to explore a second tier membership with a 
reduced rate electronic distribution.

I am the editor of a month news publication and bi-monthly journal for 
our figure skating club with a membership of about 300.

The printing and postage were a financial burden. Since switching to 
electronic distribution, I have been able to expand the number of 
articles and include color photos. The files are prepared as a Word 
document and then converted to a pdf file and reduced in size by using 
Adobe Acrobat.

Recently I have begun to post the files to a host site to allow members 
to download individual articles.

While the news publication contains only information that concerns our 
members, the journal has a more generic content that would be of 
interest to other skaters.  I am present working on an exchange system 
with other editors who will supply original content in return for 
articles I have written. I have formulated the journal as an on-line 
class with discussion just as if club members were physically in a 
classroom at an education institution.

I believe this approach would work well for other organizations who 
understand that changes are needed to remain a viable group.  
Organizations must attract and maintain a younger membership base and 
then maintain their interest as they age, have children, and retire.

There is no reason to suppose that people from the USA and other 
countries would not pay a nominal fee to benefit from being an 
electronic member, especially if that membership provided special 
benefits such as a seed fund. Most people who would join are likely the 
same type of people who form the bulk of this electronic forum and 
understand the networking benefits the electronic media provides.


Claude Sweet
San Diego, CA

Jwlehman at aol.com wrote:

> Hi Barry,
> Five minutes after I sent this you e/m came.
> Here is want Nate, Martha, Robert I & started discussing. We should 
> bring you into the conversation also.
> Nate wrote and I insereted in blue.
>> Of the other suggestions, I think we do need to have an online 
>> version for people abroad who want to join but think the subscription 
>> price per year is too high.  I would be easy to put Pomona into pdf, 
>> and mail it to the Mulla Omar, for example, who has paid a 5 or 10$ a 
>> year subscription.  The problem would be how to prevent the Mulla 
>> from then sending it to all the people in his village for free, or 
>> back to the United States or Canada at a cut rate to people who want 
>> it here.  Essentially, that is what is done in China with CDs. I 
>> share the same concern. How long would it be before we found out if 
>> such were going on? We could try it and if that became a problem 
>> simply cancel that member's membership (then another might take his 
>> place) or even the program of electronic Pomona's. But I believe 
>> Jackie can create PDF's just by the push of the button. How about 
>> just sending it on a disk? Still an unscrupulous character could also 
>> copy it electronically and e/m out. 
> I'd have no problem giving it a try and make it known the program is 
> subject to cancellation with maybe six months notice. Having more 
> members especially foreign members might increase the number of 
> articles. But I really doubt that as most would be afraid of their 
> authoring abilities in English.
> Jerry
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