[NAFEX] storing scion wood frozen

R F Hollaus hollaus at comcast.net
Tue Feb 12 18:14:42 EST 2008

Hi Derry,
RE: scion/wood, In your reply to Alexander you wrote,
>I've never thought of freezing s/w, but I have had 
>a problem with the buds swelling on the Japanese 
>plums and Prunus mumes in a cooler (2-4°C) 
>Are you freezing Prunus too?

Although I can only speak for myself and about sour cherry. 
I successfully tried a grafting experiment where the scions 
were stored outdoors on the tree and above the snow with 
while experiencing record low temperatures. The before 
results were loaded here with more detail;

You also stated,
>I'm in zone 7-8 PNW.

I live there too and on the bottom right of each page shows 
Fort Vancouver WA where and when (3-31-06) the grafting 
took place which was about a day after collecting it, and 
here is what they looked like growing,
I'm sure the prunus you have won't take the abuse of the 
above examples but I'm sure somebody will tell you that 
yours will easily take 20F in a freezer by November.

R.F. Hollaus.
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