[NAFEX] Membership

Regina M. Kreger regina at kreger.net
Tue Feb 12 16:49:41 EST 2008

Would it be possible to allow non-members to READ the e-mail list, but 
not POST without joining?

William C. Garthright wrote:
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>> I've heard this argument about two other organizations I'm active in 
>> also. Make the publication available on line or die. Tell me, how do 
>> we do it profitably.
> That's always the question, isn't it? And when it comes to the future, 
> who knows? Really, with new technology, it's always a struggle to see 
> what works and what doesn't.
> But in this case, sending "Pomona" out in pdf form would be a lot 
> cheaper. You'd save money on printing and postage costs. And you'd get 
> the money to cover expenses the same way you do now. Membership would 
> still be required to get the publication.
> Right now, I wouldn't necessarily change anything, except that I'd 
> offer overseas members the option to get "Pomona" electronically (if 
> that's practical, currently) or else a membership without the 
> publication. In either case, it would be a cheaper membership (since I 
> suspect that the biggest expense for them is the cost of international 
> shipping). I really doubt if the membership as a whole wants to go 
> entirely electronic, though that does seem to be the direction of 
> things,... eventually.
>> So Bill, are you now a member? Have you send a donation to help with 
>> expenses?
> Yes, though it took a few months to finally get around to it. If it 
> would have been easier (online credit card or PayPal form), I would 
> have done it sooner. Or if I'd been reminded of it regularly (it's 
> easy to put these things off, especially since I almost never mail 
> paper checks anymore).
> On the other hand, I would never have joined at all without this free 
> email list. I'd think that this is one of the greatest recruitment 
> tools you've got, so you need to take advantage of it. Not the *only* 
> way to recruit new members, of course. Far from it. But very valuable, 
> nonetheless. And NAFEX needs to try multiple ways of recruiting.
> After all, if the membership is only HALF what it used to be, 
> something is wrong. The old methods must not be working. I can't 
> really predict what *will* work, for certain, but this is how I joined 
> the group. And don't forget that you're competing with all sorts of 
> other organizations, all of which want money and attention. I'm sure 
> they're all worthwhile groups, but not all will survive. If NAFEX is 
> declining this badly, I'd guess that changes must be made. What 
> changes? It's probably worth discussing here, don't you think?
> Bill
> Lincoln, NE

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