[NAFEX] Grapes dropped for frost prrotection

Ray Kaminski r-jkaminski at att.net
Tue Feb 12 16:47:17 EST 2008

Ernest you asked If I cover the grapes after they are lowered to the 
ground.  No because I am afraid of rodents getting into them for 
winter protection of their own. Usually there is enough snow to 
protect them.  2 years ago there was very little snow , only a couple 
of inches on the ground and we had a -11 degrees two nights in a 
row.  I thought they would be damaged as they are suppose to  be good 
to zero however the fact that they were out of the wind and close to 
the ground with the heavy wire on top, no damage was sustained.  I 
believe the wind dries out the wood and does a lot of damage to the 
wood in most cases. This year there is enough snow so you can not see 
more than the upright poles  in the area.  This year it snows lightly 
almost everyday with the Lake Michigan effect.  Love it!  Ray

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