[NAFEX] storing scion wood frozen

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You don't say where you are or what hardiness zone you are in.

I'm in zone 7-8 PNW.

I've never thought of freezing s/w, but I have had a problem with the buds swelling on the Japanese plums and Prunus mumes in a cooler (2-4°C)

Are you freezing Prunus too?


Bill Chase & Derry Walsh
Aldergrove. B.C., V4W 2E6
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  Storing frozen has the advantage that it is no need to make a check of the budwood state up to the day you are going to graft. I prefer this way, because not every normal refrig can store close to 32 F. 
  There is no need of special refrig. For me was no problem to make the switching on and off add-on control circuit.
  Alexander Dragotin

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