[NAFEX] Electronic Pomonas

mangodance bmn at iglou.com
Tue Feb 12 15:37:43 EST 2008

I hate to seem sanguine, but for the most part, electronic distribution 
is usually done to keep from raising dues, reducxe costs, make $ 
available for other things, not reduce the price of membership for a 
select few.

To be honest, the price for NAFEX membership is hardly cost-prohibitive 
compared to other memberships especially with regard to the size of the 
regular publication.  When online payments become available, it makes it 
that much easier.  I am all about doing this as value for NAFEX and its 
membership.  But I think we'd have angry patrons should we allow folks 
to pay less than those who supported the organization for years.

BTW, some orgaizations have a donation fund that allows people to donate 
into a pot for overseas memberships.

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