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Tue Feb 12 15:16:51 EST 2008

Hi Barry,

Five minutes after I sent this you e/m came. 

Here is want Nate, Martha, Robert I & started discussing. We should bring you 
into the conversation also.

Nate wrote and I insereted in blue. 

>  Of the other suggestions, I think we do need to have an online version for 
> people abroad who want to join but think the subscription price per year is 
> too high.  I would be easy to put Pomona into pdf, and mail it to the Mulla 
> Omar, for example, who has paid a 5 or 10$ a year subscription.  The problem 
> would be how to prevent the Mulla from then sending it to all the people in 
> his village for free, or back to the United States or Canada at a cut rate to 
> people who want it here.  Essentially, that is what is done in China with CDs. 
> I share the same concern. How long would it be before we found out if such 
> were going on? We could try it and if that became a problem simply cancel that 
> member's membership (then another might take his place) or even the program 
> of electronic Pomona's. But I believe Jackie can create PDF's just by the 
> push of the button. How about just sending it on a disk? Still an unscrupulous 
> character could also copy it electronically and e/m out. 

I'd have no problem giving it a try and make it known the program is subject 
to cancellation with maybe six months notice. Having more members especially 
foreign members might increase the number of articles. But I really doubt that 
as most would be afraid of their authoring abilities in English. 



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