[NAFEX] Looking for Canadian sources of old French apples

kerry maser prairiegrapes at yahoo.ca
Tue Feb 12 12:36:44 EST 2008

David; The 2 sources in Canada that carry some of the old varieties are either Harry Burton on Salt Spring Island or Siloam Orchards. The best source
  for you is The Brogdale Trust in the UK. They have most of the cultivars you want you'll have to deal with CFIA on this the Brogdale website is;
  There aren't a lot of old French varieties out in Western Canada. Most of the old cultivars were British in origin and were brought into BC in the earely 1900's.
  Your best bet is Eastern Canada, but Brogdale is your best source. 
  Cheers Kim Maser- Canadian Sources

David.Maxwell at dal.ca wrote:
    Simon de Rasilly established one of the earliest French settlements in the New World at the mouth of the LaHave River in Nova Scotia, in 1632.  He planted apple trees - varieties unknown.  The museum personnel at the site want to re-establish an orchard of varieties he could have brought.  I have been working since 2003 to get scions through the National Germplasm Repository, but things aren't looking hopeful.  Do any Canadian members, just by chance, have any of the following: Api Noir,  Belle Fille,  Calville Rose,  Calville Rouge d'hiver,  Chataignier,  Coeur de Boeuf,  Court Pendu,  Double Rose,  Drap d'Or,  Fenouillet Gris (Pomme d'Anis) (note: this *not* Pomme d'Api),  Patte de Loup,  Pigeonet Blanc,  Pomme Glac, Pomme-Poire,  Rambour d'Ete (syn. R.  Blanc, Notre Dame),  Rambour d'Hiver, Rateau,  Reinette Blanche,   Reinette Musquee,   Rose de Beranger,  Royal Russe.

  All these date from prior to 1630.

  (It is not practical to try to get wood from the States or elsewhere - all Malus wood has to be virus indexed to import, and nobody is going to have virus indexed an apple grown since the 1600's.  It probably isn't totally ridiculous - the entire fruit industry in Ontario was threatened a few years back by somebody who brought scion wood across the border and introduced plum pox virus in the Niagara peninsula.)  
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