[NAFEX] rootstock and scion storage

John Bunker jbunker at gwi.net
Tue Feb 12 10:35:29 EST 2008

Rootstock:  We sell rootstock in quantities of ten.  You can see our 
selection by going to <fedcoseeds.com> and following the links to "Trees".  
If looking for rootstock other than those on our list, feel free to contact 
me off-list.  We may have what you're looking for. 

Storing scionwood: We store hundreds of feet of scionwood every year with 
virtually no problems ever.  You can use this method for a few sticks or for 
many.  We never use any moisture, damp towels, etc.  After cutting the wood, 
we wrap a piece of duct tape around the bunch of that variety (or the single 
stick) and label with a sharpie.  We then put the wood in a plastic bag.  
Several varieties can go in a single bag.  Because we use so much, I use 
large heavy-duty garbage bags, but a bread bag is fine too if I only have a 
few sticks. Put the wood in a plastic bag and seal. Then put that bag in a 
second bag and seal.  Then put that bag in a third bag and seal.  Now, 
triple-bagged, you can store the wood in a refridgerator or cold basement, 
root cellar, wood shed, etc.   We do not store wood in the freezer.  We do 
put it in shed rooms that might freeze from time to time, though not 
Happy grafting!
John Bunker
Fedco- Maine

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