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> In the last 15 years I stored my budwood wrapped in a moist newspaper 
> sheets, closed in a plastic bag and kept frozen in refrigerator at temperature of 
> 23 Grad F (?5 Grad C). I never had failure.
> I am using common freezer, completed with a self made control circuit 
> sensing the temperature in the box and switching the main of the freezer on/off, 
> depending on the set desired temperature. Temperature deviations in the 
> interval 25 to 20 Grad F don’t matter.  
> Alexander Dragotin 

Interesting! I've been around grafters and grafting for about 25 years. Don't 
remember of ever hearing anyone advocate storing scion wood frozen before. 
I'd think it is extra work, setting up a special refrig. Storing in a normal 
refrig works so well why freeze? With Prunus, especially Cherry, store as close 
to 32 F. as possible.  At 45 degrees it can start to break bud reducing the 
take percentage greatly. I speak from experience. 

I use, and the most common way, zip lock or plastic bags with slightly 
moistened paper (towels) and have kept it viable for over a year that way. Have 
grafted year old persimmon wood stored that way with good success. I really don't 
believe storing frozen has any advantage, just extra work. 


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