[NAFEX] grafting wax

Gunther Ansari guntheransari at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 12 08:17:50 EST 2008

Dear Friends, 
  I am about to embark upon a major project of pruning a whole batch of "Never-Pruned" fruit & nut trees (Apple, Pear, Fig, Walnut (English / Persian)!
  The timing is around the 20th to 30th February. 
  As this would involve a lot of cuts, I plan to do some cuts this year, followed by more thinning out next year, same season!
  I need your best advice on the recipe for a good "Seal-off" medium, that can be easily "concocted" and mixed (in a heated water-bath vessel)  as well as be effective against insiduous rot, Fungus and  insect / borer damage to the "exposed" cuts, before the Spring comes around. 
  I wish to try the following mixture, as an effective & workable, but not too expensive recipe:
   Beeswax-                                        1 part  
   Rosin Oil / Turpentine oil                   1/4th Part  
   Linseed oil                                       1/4th Part  
   Powdered Cinnamon (fine mesh)        1/8th to 1/16th part  
   Powdered Cloves                              1/16th part
  I have put the "spices" as a necessity, due to the danger of Fungus growth especially due to seasonal (post snows) danger of dampness-triggered fungal and / or mite attack!
  What would be your considered opinion?
  Thanks & best regards 
  Gunther N. Ansari  

Lucky Pittman <lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu> wrote:
  At 06:54 AM 2/11/2008, Rob wrote:
>How about for cleft grafting on arm sized trunks?
>What do you all use?

That would probably be an instance where I'd use Tanis' rubberized 
electrician's splicing tape, and I might give the old wax toilet ring 
gasket a try as a sealant.
I first tried one(the toilet gasket) at a grafting demonstration I 
put on for the local Master Gardeners class last year - it's 
relatively easy to work with, doesn't require heating, but it is 
sticky, and might, like Karen's beeswax/rosin/linseed oil product, be 
a bit easier to work with if you oiled your hands to keep it from 
sticking to them.


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