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Mon Feb 11 22:11:12 EST 2008

I can't help you with the id., but you could pick the coccoons and put them in a jar with a screen lid and a few slightly damp leaves and see what hatches out.  Adults are usually easier to get identified than larvae are.  

-- John McCuan  wrote:
Hello all,

The other day as I was pruning one of my young apple trees, I pulled on what I thought was just a withered leaf.  It was attached to the branch by two white filaments, which I immediately thought were insect-made.  As I examined it, I discovered the leaf had been sort of mangled.  I grubbed around in it, and inside a tiny stem-like tube was a 1/4 inch long brown worm.  Altogether I found about 20 of these on my 8 young apple trees.

Does anyone know what this is?  I looked in my pest ID books and wasn't able to find it.  What do I do about it?

I live near Atlanta, Georgia, Zone 7 if that helps.

Thanks very much!

Melinda McCuan
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