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There are many ways of doing things.  I'll just tell you how I do it.  I find it most comfortable to bench graft at my kitchen table rather than working bending over a little tree, so that's what I do.  If the rootstocks come in time you don't need to precut your scionwood.  But you need to graft before the scions have started growing, so if a warm spell comes that might jolt things into starting before you've grafted you'd best go out and cut your scions.  Since I buy much of mine in I have to store it in the fridge after it's been mailed to me.  Then I cut what I think I might use of our varieties and keep it wrapped in damp towels and plastic bags with the other stuff.  I don't throw out the extra until it's long past time to graft, in case I get the urge to do some more topworking elsewhere...  The first grafts that I ever did that took were from scionwood that was cut within the day, so that can work too.  Have fun!  Once you get started you might find it hard to stop.
Muffy Barrett
Southern Wisconsin, good snow cover and steady cold so far this winter.  

-- Karen Kellogg  wrote:

This will be my first year of attempting grafting; some rootstock is  
due in April.

Do I need to get it established (pots or in ground) before I use it?

I will use scions from an old tree on my property, and one or two  
from 'neighborhood' trees.  Do I cut and refrigerate, or wait and cut  
when I am ready to use them, provided they haven't leafed out?

Thanks, or point me in the right direction for info!

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