[NAFEX] American grapes

Sue Christensen sue at hoodel.com
Mon Feb 11 11:52:22 EST 2008

Last spring I purchased a number of grapes for juice/jam and fresh 
eating.  Despite regular watering, the extended drought may have 
contributed to the very slow growth last year.  Also, an early 
spring-like system led to early budbreak followed by freezes, so I 
lost the initial leaves. This spring, I need to construct a trellis 
to support them and I wondered which type of system you would 
recommend for these varieties: Buffalo, Seneca, Concord, Steuben, 
Cayuga, Sheridan, Red and White Swenson, Jupiter.

I'm in zone 6A PA, so I don't know if the instructions for northern 
planting still apply (2-strand wire fence, prune plant to low-headed 
double trunk).

Also, is it advisable to use aged horse manure or mushroom compost 
with these grapes? I know these varieties are purported to be 
vigorous in nature, but I dug the grape arbor space out of silty loam 
grasslands that are somewhat skimpy in depth of friable organic 
matter. I was wondering if giving them a "boost" at some growth point 
was permissible this year.

Thanks for your advice.

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