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> I'll admit, Parafilm doesn't work all that well when sticking on cleft 
> grafts of relatively small scionwood - as you might do when reworking an older 
> apple with
> relatively large-diameter branches. 

I absolutely love Parafilm. 

Have used it on hundreds of grafts, although I'll admit most are confined to 
bark and splice grafts. I always use grafting rubbers to hold splice grafts 
together then apply Parafilm to prevent the scion from drying out before 
callousing. I prefer the whip & tongue graft which most of you know is a splice graft 
modified.  I haven't used grafting wax in years. Don't even own any now. 

Just yesterday while looking over an area around my pond I discovered where I 
had splice grafted pink dogwood onto white dogwood understock. Had totally 
forgotten about it. Noticed it because the Parafilm was still around parts of 
them which had turned dark. 

Summery: Whip & tongue grafted, wrapped tight using grafting rubbers then 
covered with Para. Then forgot about them. The Parafilm degraded enough to allow 
ultraviolet to degrade the rubber which broke apart, not restricting the 
growth. Did three of them and all three took.   


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