[NAFEX] grafting wax

Richard MURPHY murphman108 at msn.com
Sun Feb 10 13:38:30 EST 2008

WOW !!

Thank you all for the 'Avalanche' of Grafting Wax comments / advice !!
I can't wait to get out there and try it.
You guys are super.


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  Four words: rubber electrician's splicing tape.
  It will change your life.  If you know to give a pre-stretch before doing the wrap, it is the best.  I've tried parafilm, but parafilm is harder to find in small amounts for the hobbiest, and parafilm also does not stretch & bind as well as the rubber tape.

  Rubber tape does not need to be split nor removed later.  It is WAY easier to use than any of the flowable coatings.  The only disadvantage-- it would be awkward for grafts of stock & scion of greatly different diameters.  Also, it barely works in damp conditions, but I for one take along paper & pencil for notes, and I prefer dry conditions for that too.

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  > One word. Parafilm.
  > No muss, no fuss, no need for coating your hands with
  > oil(what would that do to impede callusing?), no need
  > for any sort of heater or messy brush.
  > I've not used Doc Farwells, and while it's probably
  > not a significant concern for anyone grafting fruit
  > trees, I have a friend who's a propagator for a large
  > west-coast nursery that turns out thousands of
  > Japanese maple graftlings every year, and she told me
  > they used Doc Farwell's ONCE and would never, ever do
  > that again - you could still see that god-awful
  > yellow splotch at the graft union 5 or 6 years later.
  > Not aesthetically pleasing.
  > Fresh, steaming-hot cow manure was used with great
  > success, 'back in the day'. I still mean to give it
  > a try.
  > Lucky
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