[NAFEX] Membership

Dr. Chiranjit Parmar parmarch_mnd at dataone.in
Sun Feb 10 11:18:50 EST 2008

I am a NAFEX Member for the past 21 years and have been watching it.  I had 
also attended the 2004 NAFEX Meeting at Columbia.

Yes, the NAFEX membership is declining and it should be a matter of concern 
for everyone.

My suggestion is that the NAFEX should change its outlook.  It should not 
remain NORTH AMERICAN but should turn ALL WORLD FRUIT EXPLORERS.  This is 
the age of globalization and the world is shrinking.  So NAFEX should try to 
have members from ALL parts of the world.  Now fruit exploration is not 
limited to one continent.

The factor which is going to obstruct member enrolment from developing 
countries is the exorbitantly high price of US dollar in developing 
countries.  Forty dollars is a quite big sum even for university professors 
from several Asian, European and African countries.  So something should be 
thought about this.  Moreover, in many countries, it is nearly impossible to 
remit subscriptions in foreign exchange.

I had raised this point at the NAFEX Board of Directors Meeting at Columbia. 
I had also discussed this point individually with few members who were 

I once again suggest to find some way of having members from other countries 
too.  I do not think that conservative policy is going to be good for the 
health of NAFEX.

I have some sort of emotional attachment with NAFEX and feel greatly obliged 
to this organization.  That is the reason I am continuing my membership 
otherwise I also find it VERY expensive.

Dr. Chiranjit Parmar

Chiranjit Parmar
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>    Last week you were talking about not having enough members in NAFEX. 
> It
> just now occurred to me that I found NAFEX by Googling a subject that took
> me into the archives.  I liked what I read, looked up more than went 
> hunting
> to join the group that was behind it.  Then, a few years back, the 
> archives
> were closed so only members could access them.
>    Hey!  Talk about getting the word out and for free.  How many other
> folks would join NAFEX if they stumbled/Googled into the archives like I
> did?
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