[NAFEX] grafting wax

David.Maxwell at dal.ca David.Maxwell at dal.ca
Sun Feb 10 08:10:24 EST 2008

On 9 Feb 2008 at 18:00, Karen Tillou wrote:

> i love trowbridge's grafting wax - you can melt it in your hands (but coat your hands with oil first 
> so it doesn't stick or you'll curse yourself) or stick it in a can and use a torch or campstove to 
> heat it up to brushable consistency (my favorite way).  it smells great, seals well, and doesn't 
> crack.  isn't tree kote a petroleum based tar?  if it is, i'd steer clear.<SNIP>

I am curious as to what your objection to tars is.  I have used black roofing goo for 
years, (cheap, easily found, easy to use), and never experienced any adverse 
effects.  We use peroleum-based products quite happily in the form of dormant oils; 
tars are just longer chain hydrocarbons than oils, but basically no more nor less 
"toxic", and the quanties used in grafting are markedly less than you would use in 
spraying dormant oil.  (In fairness, I have encountered this concern about tars many 
times before.  I just wonder whether there is any evidence behind it, or whether it is 
a "rural myth".)

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