[NAFEX] Computer Programs

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Fri Feb 8 09:43:49 EST 2008

    The trouble with Mozilla Firefox is they/it permits certain malware. 
Frequently, when I go to shut down, I learn that someone else has been 
listening in on my computer session - Yes, my firewall is working, at least 
Mozilla says it is working.  Then there's adware.  Mozilla permits a lot of 
it.  Check your cookies and you'll find TribalFusion; then go to 
tribalfusion.com and learn what it is and I'll bet you hadn't gone there so 
how else did you gets its cookie(s) except covertly.  Fortunately Mozilla 
does offer a way out; you can block cookies, a feature that I do use.

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