[NAFEX] E-mail programmes other than Outlook Express.

Robert Mullins mullins at gaelicmysts.com
Fri Feb 8 09:13:56 EST 2008

Dr.  Parmar,

Microsoft has several vulnerabilities and exploits.  This is not only 
true with your MS Internet Explorer, and MS Outlook Express, but with MS 
operating systems as well.  It's good that your grandson has clued you 
in to Mozilla Firefox.  Pretty much all computer nerds (like myself) 
prefer Firefox over ALL browsers. 

I am such a Mozilla fan I use their email application as well.  Mozilla 
Thunderbird.  You might want to get your grandson to configure it for 
you, as it can be a bit of a learning curve if you are used to Outlook.

In addition, you could be experiencing other things that most Windows 
users simply live with, and that is the fact that if your computer has 
been in an 'always on' status it tends to generate memory leaks over 
time.  These leaks can cause system instability and crashes.

Hopefully this helps.

-Robert C. Mullins
Technology Coordinator
Ozark Public Schools

Dr. Chiranjit Parmar wrote:
> Dear all,
> I do not knew why, but my PC crashes once in 10-15 months and I loose 
> a lot of data and have to spend almost a week for reorganizing the 
> documents/pictures again.  It is due to computer viruses which I get 
> from net.  Last week it was a virus named Infostealer.  The system 
> just stopped connecting to net.  It also slowed down very much.  So 
> ultimately I had to reformat the hard disk and load software and data 
> again.
> I use Norton Antivirus and keep it UPDATE.  I have a broadband 
> internet connection.
> Can some of you tell me why does it happen so with me?
> My 19 years old grandson, who is a computer buff like most teenagers 
> says that the culprit is Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.  He 
> says that these software are highly vulnerable to viruses.  He says 
> that I must start using new programmes.
> Now he has changed my browser to Mozilla Firefox.  But the Outlook 
> Express is still there.
> What are your comments.  If the boy is right, which software should I 
> use for e-mail.
> I have a gmail account but I DO NOT find it as convenient as outlook 
> express.  So I do not prefer to use it.  Then, one has to stay 
> "ONLINE" for it.
> Kindly suggest me some alternative e-mail programme.
> Chiranjit Parmar
> India
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