[NAFEX] E-mail programmes other than Outlook Express.

akmanty akmanty at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 7 17:03:07 EST 2008

I have Trend on my computer for protection, and 2 free ad/spy wares.
As to e-mail I use Eudora, which I much prefer, even over Outlook; 
for the simplicity and easy to read the items.
Web site is eudora.com.
By the way, it is a free program, also.

At 07:10 PM 2/6/2008, you wrote:
>Dear all,
>I do not knew why, but my PC crashes once in 10-15 months and I 
>loose a lot of data and have to spend almost a week for reorganizing 
>the documents/pictures again.  It is due to computer viruses which I 
>get from net.  Last week it was a virus named Infostealer.  The 
>system just stopped connecting to net.  It also slowed down very 
>much.  So ultimately I had to reformat the hard disk and load 
>software and data again.
>I use Norton Antivirus and keep it UPDATE.  I have a broadband 
>internet connection.
>Can some of you tell me why does it happen so with me?
>My 19 years old grandson, who is a computer buff like most teenagers 
>says that the culprit is Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.  He 
>says that these software are highly vulnerable to viruses.  He says 
>that I must start using new programmes.
>Now he has changed my browser to Mozilla Firefox.  But the Outlook 
>Express is still there.
>What are your comments.  If the boy is right, which software should 
>I use for e-mail.
>I have a gmail account but I DO NOT find it as convenient as outlook 
>express.  So I do not prefer to use it.  Then, one has to stay "ONLINE" for it.
>Kindly suggest me some alternative e-mail programme.
>Chiranjit Parmar
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