[NAFEX] E-mail programmes other than Outlook Express.

ROBERT W JUDY A HARTMAN hartmansfruit at msn.com
Thu Feb 7 13:54:30 EST 2008

I run the Ad-Aware and Spybot regularly to protect against spyware in addition to the Anti-Virus software.  I don't need any malware on my system.
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  With Mozilla's Firefox browser, I highly recommend the 'NoScript' 
  extension for increased protection when browsing. It prevents Java and 
  other scripting software from running on a particular website unless you 
  permit it. Since some viruses can be picked up just by browsing a 
  website (or so I hear), that's nice to have.

  I use Mozilla's Thunderbird email client, and I'm happy with that. But 
  I'm not sure if it has any more protections than other email software. 
  The problem with Outlook Express - and all Microsoft software - is that 
  it's so common, therefore nearly always the first choice for virus 
  writers. I delete all spam without looking at it (it's usually pretty 
  easy to tell from the title and sender).

  Make sure that, in addition to your anti-virus program (I use AVG - 
  there's also a free version available, if you're interested), that you 
  use a firewall. I'm paranoid, so I use a hardware firewall AND a 
  software firewall (the one that comes with the paid version of AVG). Oh, 
  yeah, I use A-Squared Anti-Malware, too. It protects in a slightly 
  different way than the others. You can't be too careful these days.

  Good luck!

  Lincoln, NE

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