[NAFEX] Northern Blackberries

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Thu Feb 7 09:23:58 EST 2008

Ernest Plutko wrote,"I dug up wild blackberries
from near Brainerd, Mn but they didn't make it here in zone 2b."

    I grow zone 5 blackberries here in zone 3.  Just before freeze-up, I 
weight down all the canes with heavy fenceposts and iron pipes; a few canes 
break but most don't.  I try to get the canes as close to the ground as 
possible.  Then I wait for snow.  If it doesn't snow enough before January 
comes, I take my snow blower and blow more on top of them because any branch 
that isn't covered gets fried from Minnesota's dry wind.  I tried covering 
with mulch but snow works better.
    There'll be those of you who will say, "That sounds like a lot of work." 
What isn't?  Even baby sitting is a lot of work.  Altogether, I spend no 
more than four hours putting that blackberry patch to bed, a 30' row.  The 
alternative is to buy someone's fruit that has been shipped in from who 
knows where AND my berries taste better.

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