[NAFEX] soil tester

Donna &/or Kieran holycow at cookeville.com
Wed Feb 6 22:00:07 EST 2008

The pH tester I bought was brand new.  I knew perfectly well that we didn't 
have any soil as alkaline as 7.0, but that was the only reading I could get. 
When this subject came up before, someone said that it needed to be rubbed 
with sandpaper before use.  If that is the case, the company should have 
mentioned it.
    I have nothing against soil tests, but the reason I thought a pH meter 
would be a good idea is that we have so many different areas that have been 
treated differently.   One section of garden will have a lot more or less of 
some kind of amendment added, and outside the garden is very different. 
Plus I take the worst of the red clay from the bottom of holes dug for trees 
and dump it on piles of brush and weeds.  A year later it's not perfect yet, 
but is improved.  I would like to know what the pH is.    Donna 

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