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Gunther Ansari guntheransari at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 6 14:13:49 EST 2008

Indeed! friends, there's nothing better than spending a few bucks extra, to buy oneself the old manual soil-sampler (tube-auger, at the end of a "push" handle) to get a proper representative sample of the earth, pack it after mixing it well with the aggregate samples of the soil of the area to be tested, and send it in to the nearest county Soil-Testing Lab, to get the most accurate reading on the relative suitability (or less) of  the content of available N-P-K  in the respective field / tract  for the project target crop in mind!
  Good Luck! Ginda and Donna! but do let us know if this old trusted way can still be used at your farms.If not, then what alternative / short cut is there to replace the trusty Soil Labs?
  Best regards,
  Gunther N. Ansari

Ginda Fisher <list at ginda.us> wrote:
  Funny, I had exactly the same experience, except I threw mine out after it 
read the pH of vinegar at 7.0. I didn't bother testing it with quicklime.

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On Wed, 6 Feb 2008 08:47:53 -0600 "Donna &/or Kieran" 
>I once bought one of those pH test gadgets. It read the same no matter 
where I stuck it in the ground. Then I stuck it in pure vinegar, and it 
read the same. I stuck it in some quicklime mixed with water, and it read 
the same. Then I threw it away. Donna 

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