[NAFEX] Cranberry Bush Viburnums

Martha L. Davis martha_davis at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 5 16:03:51 EST 2008

The viburnum flowers are truly beautiful. Some hydrangeas also have a similar arrangement.  I had them but never made jelly because I was deterred by the dirty sock smell. According to Michael Dirr,  V. opulus the european cranberry bush viburnum, has a few concave, disk-like glands on the petiole.  V. trilobum  the american cranberry bush viburnum is supposed to have small dome shaped glands usually stalked on it's petiole.   I have always found them hard to tell apart and even looking at labeled species in an arboretum it was not all that clear.  In addition I suspect that both are now present in "wild" areas not to mention hybrids between the two.


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