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Magness is quite fireblight resistant.  However, if blight manages to enter directly into scaffold branches (say via a violent hailstorm), then it is susceptible.

My tree lived and produced fine pears for about 20 years before this happened in the high-blight-pressure humid Southeast (N. GA).  

Scab has not been a significant problem for me.

As far as vigor, the response to climate must be pretty different in the SE (Zones 7 & 8) because Asians are consistently more vigorous than the European-heritage pears here.

Zone 8

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>How is Magness re:  diseases, esp. fireblight and scab?
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>>of the twenty or so pear varieties I have (both asian and 'regular'),
>>Magness/OHXF97 is by far the most vigorous - asians on 97 and 333 are
>>quite manageable -
>>I'm sure there are many factors that come into play that make other
>>peoples experiences different -
>>David Doud - zone 5 -
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