[NAFEX] Beach Plum in Minnesota

Richard MURPHY murphman108 at msn.com
Fri Feb 1 20:03:48 EST 2008

Hi kids;

I have been to Cape Cod 1000 times. Lucky me.

Beach Plum jelly is nice.
It does have a unique, but modest flavor.
The big deal is........ready....... it's from Cape Cod !!!!

It beats the hell out of a plate or an ash tray or a spoon, or other gift shop fare.
At least I can spread it on my toast.



PS    With much respect, I shall mention the Thornton Burgess Society on Cape Cod.
        No CopperTone, no Flip Flops............


        It is the children's author you are probably familiar with, and they have been making / selling jelly (including Beach Plum) for almost 100 years. Check them out. This is Jelly Mecca for our tourists.

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  Ernest Plutko wrote:  "I see beach plum trees Prunus Maritima for sale.  Do 
  these have a
  good taste and are they worth buying?  I'm wondering if they will
  survive inland far from the shore"

      Here, at Brambleberry Farm, we get visitors from the New England area 
  asking for Beach Plum Jelly.  Apparently they think Beach Plum grows 
  everywhere - 99% of the jelly we sell is from Minnesota fruit.  Several of 
  these would-be customers have said that when they walk into a gift shop at 
  Martha's Vineyard, they ask for Beach Plum Jelly.  If that store doesn't 
  have it, they buy nothing and go to another store.
      So I found some Beach Plums and made some jelly.  We were underwhelmed. 
  Nothing special.  We wonder what all the fuss is about.  It is good but 
  after tasting so many jellies, most 'berries' taste like.............most 
  other 'berries'.  Compare that to some of our other jellies that have a 
  flavor that 'comes out and grabs you.'
      Trouble is, we can't sell them a great tasting jelly unless we have 
  Beach Plum jelly too (We sell 4 for $18.75).  So, I found some bare-root 
  Beach Plum seedlings.  We bought them from the New Hampshire Department of 
  Conservation and planted them here in North Central Minnesota.  Alot of 
  folks told me they wouldn't survive here - We lost four out of 25 and expect 
  out first crop of fruit in 2008.
      Most of what we plant here survives.  Testament to that are Black 
  Raspberry, Boysenberry, Mulberry, a few others and now, Beach Plum.

  Jim Fruth
  Brambleberry Farm
  Pequot Lakes, MN  56472
  For jams, jellies & syrups:
  (877)265-6856 [Store]
  (218)831-7018 [My Cell] 

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