[NAFEX] squirrels, again

Dianne Stephany iluvdanc at rochester.rr.com
Fri Feb 1 09:00:10 EST 2008

My VistaPrint Electronic Business CardHI, 
    I just read the post about squirrels eating the pits and nuts that had been platned.  I thought I would post something that I tried so that someone else would NOT try it.

We had squirrels digging up and eating or carrying away anything and everything that was planted this past fall . I guess they were that hungry.   I found some tulips that were the kind my Mom used to have and wanted them badly.  So, knowing how much squirrels love bulbs and that they are vegetarian- I put dried porcine blood around the bulbs and in layers above the bulbs as I covered them with dirt.  No squirrels, but .... a several mornings in a row I came out very early and found the redug hole with the dirt piled around the top of the hole and the bulbs either squarely in the center of the hole or out of the hole scattered around.  SKUNKS. The skunks were hungry too, and being good carnivores they probably figured that what had bled all that blood was an animal that was going to be good to eat.  They had kept digging till the blood scent led them to the bulbs. Which they were not interested in. I guess I got to the bulbs before the squirrels made their rounds and reburied them, several times.  After a rain the skunks quit digging them up.  I don't know if the bulbs will make it or not.

 So do not put dried blood around things to keep the squirrels away if you also have skunks. 
Dianne Stephany, Rochester NY, zone 5
sleeting for 2 hrs now and expecting 6-8 inches of snow before days end

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