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Your proposition presumes that other animals favor the flavors that we do.  Based on what I see some of them eat, I don't think that is true - your last sentence alludes to that.
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>It is interesting that several people on this list have observed a relatively high rate of acceptable flavor from wild-grown pawpaw fruit (from seedling trees).
>I have wondered before if the biology of the pawpaw might contribute to this high incidence of decent or better quality fruit.  Pawpaw seed don't survive if the fruit is allowed to ferment.  Fermentation would happen if the fruit were not consumed after ripening.  The pawpaw is dependent on relatively large mammals to distribute their seed.  This combination would set up a situation whereby yucky fruit would be passed over for the tasty and so, over time, those pawpaws bearing tasty fruit would be better fit to multiply.
>Maybe it's all too neat, but I thought I'd throw it out for discussion.  It also raises the interesting question of, What, if any, healthful (medicinal) compounds might be enriched in pawpaw fruit that are consumed by wild animals, but don't taste very good?
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