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Could be genetic or environmental influences.  Are any of the bushes clonal to the others?  I believe many highbush cranberries are sold as seed-grown plants.  If you could propagate a clone of the good-tasting plant and plant it next to some of the bitter ones, it might help differentiate which influence is greater and then you'd have a good idea what to do next.

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>    I need everyone's best guess as to what might cause bitterness in fruit 
>(and, possibly how to correct the problem):  I harvest Highbush Cranberries 
>(Viburnum trilobum) from six places.
>1. Swampy area between a lake and high ground.  These are understory bushes, 
>perhaps as many as 100 of them, getting filtered sunlight and peeks of 
>direct sun.  Their roots are constantly in saturated ground.  These berries 
>have a musky taste, are otherwise pleasant and make excellent jelly.
>2. Two bushes at the edge of a lake with surface water 2 to 3' down. 
>Berries taste great and make excellent jelly.
>3. Two bushes in front of an office building near a creek with surface water 
>about 7' down.  Berries taste great and make good jelly.
>4. Large bush in my neighbor's front yard.  Water table unknown.  Berries 
>taste great and make good jelly.
>5. Bitter berries from a small thicket in the woods with water table 
>unknown.  Jelly is bitter.
>6. Bitter berries from my orchard.  Bushes obtained from two nurseries, one 
>in Minnesota and the other from North Dakota.  Planted 2' above hardpan clay 
>where water pools after a rain plus receives some irrigation water.  Jelly 
>is bitter.
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