[NAFEX] Hypothesis needed

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Tue Dec 30 12:26:48 EST 2008

    I need everyone's best guess as to what might cause bitterness in fruit 
(and, possibly how to correct the problem):  I harvest Highbush Cranberries 
(Viburnum trilobum) from six places.
1. Swampy area between a lake and high ground.  These are understory bushes, 
perhaps as many as 100 of them, getting filtered sunlight and peeks of 
direct sun.  Their roots are constantly in saturated ground.  These berries 
have a musky taste, are otherwise pleasant and make excellent jelly.
2. Two bushes at the edge of a lake with surface water 2 to 3' down. 
Berries taste great and make excellent jelly.
3. Two bushes in front of an office building near a creek with surface water 
about 7' down.  Berries taste great and make good jelly.
4. Large bush in my neighbor's front yard.  Water table unknown.  Berries 
taste great and make good jelly.
5. Bitter berries from a small thicket in the woods with water table 
unknown.  Jelly is bitter.
6. Bitter berries from my orchard.  Bushes obtained from two nurseries, one 
in Minnesota and the other from North Dakota.  Planted 2' above hardpan clay 
where water pools after a rain plus receives some irrigation water.  Jelly 
is bitter.

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