[NAFEX] availability of trees on large r/s

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Raintree nursery sells some of its apples on full-sized Antonovka rootstock, which is also very cold-hardy.

Eddie Earles

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>This email came to me from WI.
>If he was Canadian, I could make the trees for him on his choice of r/s, 
>but I cannot ship across the border.
>Can anyone answer this fellow request?
>I usually tell these people to learn to graft. It will open up a whole 
>new world for them.
>You can reply to him directly or if you reply to nafex, I'll forward 
>your replies to him.
>I put the commas in the list of varieties he is looking for to make it 
>easier to read and I'm not familiar with all the names, so I may have 
>put a comma in the wrong place. Apologies for my ignorance!
>He also asked what an S-M7 r/s was?  I only know M7.
>Derry Walsh
>South Coastal B.C.
>Thu, 25 Dec 2008 02:17:22 -0500
>  Hello,I found your nursery/company on the Internet.
>I live in Preston, MN, but will be doing some planting in Prentice, WI.I 
>need to find the following varieties in STANDARD size, if possible.
>I've checked your website and see that you carry many of them in 
>semi-dwarf, but I am concerned that with that the trees will never get 
>tall enough to outlast the deer in the area, for one, and I simply 
>prefer a standard tree.
>As soon as you have time, can you indicate which of the following 
>apple/crabapple/cherry/plum trees you have, or could obtain in a 
>standard size?
>Apples:Fireside, Haralson, Honeycrisp, Keepsake, Loki, Northern spy, MN 
>Greening, Snowsweet, State Fair, Sweet 16, Westland, Zestar, Wolf River, 
>MN 447, Red Baron, Chestnut, Centennial, Regent, Pear: Hardy Cherries, 
>Black Gold, Evans, Bali, Meteor, Montmorency, North Star, Plums: TokaWaneta
>I am ready to make payment.
>Thank you,
>Mike Carlsonmovinmikec at hotmail.com
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