[NAFEX] Pawpaws for Zone 4; also taste variations.

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 21:02:19 EST 2008

Miekal wrote:
"Anyone know if grafted paw paws will make it in zone 4? Are there any
selected varieties that are particularly short season & extra hardy? I've
got a bunch of PA Golden Seedlings in the ground."

It's important to pay attention to both adequate summer heat and winter
hardiness.  There is a pawpaw planting at the Germplasm Repository in
Corvallis, OR, where many of the cultivars there have trouble ripening due
to lack of summer heat.  It's USDA Zone 8 (or so) for winter cold.  So you
need enough summer heat to ripen pawpaws.  Much of the northeastern US is
in pawpaw native range, including southern Michigan and NY, if I remember
correctly.  Hence cultivars proven by growers in your region are vital to
succeed with this fruit, particularly if you are at the margins of the
native range.

They are easy to graft.  So if you have seedlings whose fruit does not ripen
after a couple of years of trying, you can topwork those trees in short

Richard Moyer
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