[NAFEX] availability of trees on large r/s

derry&bill wchase at interchange.ubc.ca
Thu Dec 25 17:05:32 EST 2008

This email came to me from WI.

If he was Canadian, I could make the trees for him on his choice of r/s, 
but I cannot ship across the border.

Can anyone answer this fellow request?

I usually tell these people to learn to graft. It will open up a whole 
new world for them.

You can reply to him directly or if you reply to nafex, I'll forward 
your replies to him.

I put the commas in the list of varieties he is looking for to make it 
easier to read and I'm not familiar with all the names, so I may have 
put a comma in the wrong place. Apologies for my ignorance!

He also asked what an S-M7 r/s was?  I only know M7.


Derry Walsh
South Coastal B.C.

Thu, 25 Dec 2008 02:17:22 -0500

  Hello,I found your nursery/company on the Internet.

I live in Preston, MN, but will be doing some planting in Prentice, WI.I 
need to find the following varieties in STANDARD size, if possible.

I've checked your website and see that you carry many of them in 
semi-dwarf, but I am concerned that with that the trees will never get 
tall enough to outlast the deer in the area, for one, and I simply 
prefer a standard tree.

As soon as you have time, can you indicate which of the following 
apple/crabapple/cherry/plum trees you have, or could obtain in a 
standard size?

Apples:Fireside, Haralson, Honeycrisp, Keepsake, Loki, Northern spy, MN 
Greening, Snowsweet, State Fair, Sweet 16, Westland, Zestar, Wolf River, 
MN 447, Red Baron, Chestnut, Centennial, Regent, Pear: Hardy Cherries, 
Black Gold, Evans, Bali, Meteor, Montmorency, North Star, Plums: TokaWaneta

I am ready to make payment.

Thank you,

Mike Carlsonmovinmikec at hotmail.com

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